Autumn Plans 2016

paternHi Everyone!!

So I thought I’d create this page to talk about what my personal plans seem to be from now (that we’re in late Aug) for Sept, Oct and Nov…

September 2016:

I missed InFest of course (had to work!).

Ok, so I’m planning on going to Reptile nightclub (which you all know so need to post a link here) mon Sept 10th. I’m also planning on going to Slimelight (again, you all know the Slime so no need to post link) at around 3am the same evening as if I’m out that night, I want to stay out and make a proper night of it and not just quit and roll up to my home early.

October 2016:

Not much on to be fair. I think this will be a fairly quiet month in the run up to Oct, which will be pretty hectic with work as well as social stuff – see below.

November 2016:

WHITBY!! Who can make it this year? I can for a change, so let me know. The Mission will be playing and that’s not all – check out the huge line up of amazing bands they have.