Only Comment If You’ve Got Something to Say

Hey, ok, so I’m getting a lot of crappy comments on this blog in the comments section. Don’t comment on my site UNLESS you have something decent to say. Otherwise – I’m totally uninterested. Got that? Ok?

Anyone else comments some crappy rubbish in my comments section, and I’ll block you (when I find our how to do that). Have a fab day everyone.

I’m ONLINE Again People!

It’s been a good few years.

I used to blog on a LiveJournal site back in the day (possibly around 1999 – 2002 when everyone else was on it – remember that?) and on a totally different domain but I realised that it’s 2106 now and I can actually own a site and upload a real blog (of my very own) to it. So yeh, I did that!

My new site is now here –

So, if you don’t already know, my name is Rex. I used to go to the Devs in Camden town a lot and that’s why they call me Rex Devs – or my closest buds and family, anyway.

Rex isn’t my real name, my real name is actually something completely, totally, and utterly different and not nearly as mysterious or glam. It’s Dean.

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