Come Round!!

Come round chaps and girls!

I have wine, and crackers, and cheese, and endless amounts of orange juice, apple juice, cake, and bananas! I am so bored and want to share. Would be super happy for the company and we can watch lots of really great new sci-fi movies – I have so many. Yaay! Whatsapp me and we’ll sort it out – or just come and potter around mine.

No Clubbing For Me Tonight

Boooo. No slimelight, no reptile, no gigs, no pubs, no bars for me tonight.

I’m feeling under the weather as I’ve been working flat out this week and am totally cream crackered. I won’t be going anywhere tomorrow either boys and girls. You’ll have to get along without my fine company 😉

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A Wednesday Night Out

Yes, boys and girls, I have the day off work (long story, don’t ask) so I’m going to go drinking with the fellas in Camden tonight. Who wants to come? Let me know asap as it’s just gone 3pm here!!

I’d do a shout-out on the phone via text but I can’t find it at the mo. Just be at the Devs at 7/8/9 pm and I’ll see ya there for drinks and laughs and oodles of fun.

Oh, and if anyone has any info on what we should be doing in autumn, let me know yaaah!

Exciting New Job!

I really loved my old job but sometimes you need a change. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life stuck behind a desk twiddling my thumbs, having coffee breaks every hour. I got a job here: it’s a drainage business in North London. The owner seems like a really nice guy and there’s always loads of work to get on with!

I could never really figure out what the point of life was if it was just to spend most of it sitting down in front of a PC. I now get up early and meet new people each and every day cleaning out their drains! There’s NO desk, NO PC / Mac. Just laughs, regular trips to KFC and a whole load of great
crap to push out of pipes each day!

I’m actually currently on the early morning shift in North London so my sleep pattern is really odd atm, but this will pass and I just really wanted something where I would meet new people each day and kiss my desk goodbye! I love it and can’t wait to progress to pipe repairs etc as this is where the BIG money is to be had – say hello to a new house! Wheeee!

Yes, it’s a little bit smelly and at the end of the day, I smell like err, sewers, especially as I’ve been in them for a while, but again, no desk, no coffee on the hour (not good for health) and a load more socialising and physical action! 😀



Summer is Nearly Over

So summer is nearly over – what are you all up to? I need to know to plan Autumn and Winter stuff – trips etc.

It’s going to be Sept soon people! Come on – let’s make some nice plans for the rest of this year and hopefully the beginning of 2017!! I really want 2016 and 2017 to be some of the best years of my life. Packed with people, party, fun, dancing, booze and other fab things. Hooray! Continue reading “Summer is Nearly Over”