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                  ABOUT US

                  Message from Chairman


                  We have had a long journey pursuing change and innovation, braving storms and having some periods of smooth sailing. China’s reform and opening-up and economic globalization have given us many opportunities to achieve our ambitions, enabling us to grow our strength and provide advanced products and professional services to more countries and people around the world.

                  Sinomach has grown from a traditional management-oriented corporation into a modern and globally influential enterprise. Its success can be attributed to the wisdom and efforts of our leaders and support and trust from our partners and customers around the world. It’s our duty to share the fruits of our development with investors, customers, employees, and society.

                  In the future, China and the world will enter a new era of development as technology, industrial integration, and global competition advance, and Sinomach will be presented with greater opportunities and challenges. Thus, we will continue to adhere to our core values -- “cooperation and innovation for mutual benefit”, promoting the high-quality development of the company, and striving to turn it into a world-class enterprise focused on quality, innovation, environmental protection, responsibility, and the wellbeing of all.