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                  OUR BUSINESS

                  Agricultural machinery


                  As China's largest enterprise that specializes in developing and manufacturing agricultural machinery, Sinomach has earned a worldwide reputation for its agricultural machinery products featuring YTO, China Harvest and CAAMS. The company has the most complete tractor series in China and developed leading technologies domestically and internationally. It has also tackled many problems concerning core technologies and key equipment and helps support industry development.

                  Committed to integrating agricultural machinery industry resources in China and abroad and reengineering the value chain, Sinomach intends to become a global leader specializing in agricultural equipment development and manufacturing.

                  Grain combine-harvesting machinery: Ranked among the best in terms of the whole market share

                  Series of wheat harvesting machinery: Ranked third in terms of domestic market share

                  Various types of fruit picking and processing machines: A leader in China in terms of technology

                  Hay harvesting machinery: A leader in the domestic market

                  Sheep shearing machines: Ranked first in China and fourth worldwide in terms of market share

                  Ice-storage machinery: Ranked among the best in terms of domestic market share. Ice-making machines have been exported to Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia, the UK and Israel.

                  • Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

                  • Large-size Wheel Tractors

                  • YTO Crawler Tractor

                  • Ultra-high Clearance Self-Propelled Boom Sprayer

                  • Corn Harvester

                  • Tractor Industrial Park

                  • Pneumatic Planter

                  • Giant Irrigation Sprinkler

                  • Self-Propelled Wheel Grain Combine Harvester

                  • YTO Heavy-Duty Tractor with Power Shift