GRIM Weather

Yikes boys and girls!! What sort of YUCK weather is this?? Anyone going to the picnic in Hampstead this Saturday? I’m thinking on it. I may bring some wine and cheese and some crackers etc etc etc. May also possibly bring an old skool BOOM BOX, ahahaa!!

I’ll have to fill it up with some brand new D batteries (anyone remember those??!) and not sure where to find those, so I may find them in time for Sat or not, we’ll have to see and I’ll venture out and bring it along with me.

Who is up for cake and wine this Friday evening? Let me know! I have some time off work this Friday so I’d like to use my time well there…

Author: REX

Rex is basically short for 'Dean' - or well, ok, it's not really, but that's what I call myself and that's what everyone else calls me!

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