No Clubbing For Me Tonight

Boooo. No slimelight, no reptile, no gigs, no pubs, no bars for me tonight.

I’m feeling under the weather as I’ve been working flat out this week and am totally cream crackered. I won’t be going anywhere tomorrow either boys and girls. You’ll have to get along without my fine company 😉

If any of you want to come by tomorrow night, come by! I have oranges and carrot soup – yummy yum yum, haha. I’d also really, really appreciate some fine pure orange juice or whatever other heathy juice anyone can find from any cheap supermarket. Many thanks !! Feeling so blah. Grr. Hopefully will be a lot better by mid week next week – with any luck – or even Monday if I sleep lots tonight.

Author: REX

Rex is basically short for 'Dean' - or well, ok, it's not really, but that's what I call myself and that's what everyone else calls me!

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