Rex Devs – About



Ok, so my real name isn’t quite Rex, it’s just Dean, and I talk more about myself on the homepage.

I’m alternative. I like goth / dark stuff. I like goth / darkwave and industrial music. I like to think that I’m super open minded and a happy go lucky sort of chap. I really love some other really weird and off the wall sort of things like ice skating and bungee jumping. I’ve always been very sporty and into all kinds of fab exciting sports.

I’ve been a goth since I can recall – so from say 11 years old onwards. I’m now 26 so I’m getting older but I still LOVE being a goth. I think I’ll be a goth for many years to come.

Read my home page posts and let me know if you have anything to say to me or about them!

Also – let me know what you think of this skin / theme. I love the colours but feel it looks a tad basic.

You can get in touch here:

I will try to check my email now and again so don’t worry if I don’t reply instantly. I will only be checking this account every month or so.

Have a great day! Eat chocolate!