Is anyone going to that huge goth picnic tomorrow in Hampstead?

Let me know as I have BOOZE!!! So much booze! And it’ll be hot, hot, hot again – hooraaaaaaaay! I’ll be out from work at about 2pm as I’ll be doing the early morning shifts for the next three weeks (4am start – yes, 4am!). After that, I’m booked in for the night shifts (7pm starts – yes, 7pm, haha).

I don’t want to see this summer slip by into oblivion and have to wait 5 million years for the next one – let’s get out there and enjoy this one today asap. Before we know it, it’ll be autumn again – grrr.

Author: REX

Rex is basically short for 'Dean' - or well, ok, it's not really, but that's what I call myself and that's what everyone else calls me!

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